A Warm Welcome to Potential Partners

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We're glad to have you here. You've discovered the Coachify Launch Affiliate Program (CLAP), our first venture into affiliate marketing. It's an opportunity for us to collaborate, fostering a nurturing environment for online coaching businesses around the globe.

About Coachify and CLAP

Poised to reset industry standards, Coachify is an innovative online coaching SAAS platform that provides an all-in-one solution for coaches worldwide.

We aim to empower coaches by easing administrative tasks and enhancing client-coach interactions. Our sustainable monthly subscription model is designed to cultivate a thriving community of coaches and their clients.

CLAP is built on the principles of empowerment and sustainability. It's an avenue for you to support the growth of coaches while cultivating a consistent revenue stream. With CLAP, you earn regular commissions, ensuring income continuity even in months with no new business sales. It's more than a program; it's a mechanism of mutual prosperity, bolstering coaches' success and fostering your financial security.

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